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Ever joined before, and had some stories with this elite dating site?

Site is OK, but no real millionaires for me

I joined this site to check whether there are enough millionaires on this dating site, and my conclusion is that there are not enot enough real millionaires here. I talked with some members, only those with certified millionaire status are real millionaires, others are millionaire admirers, even if they verified their identity. If your aim is to date a millionaire, you may have some chance here, but you are more likely to meet millionaire admirers.
Review by: Celina, CA, USA

Few messages. Waste of money is one of the most expensive dating sites I joined. After becoming a full member here, I realized there are not enough members in my area, the same situation with I'm in Canada and I mentioned that location is not a problem for me since I an relocate if necessary, but I still received few messages here.
Review by: Karida, TX, US

Nothing new and fresh.

I upgraded with a 3 month gold membershp package and just saw the same ladies who were registered with, with only a few exceptions. I was not interested in these women they recommended to me as I just want someone within 50 miles or less, but sometimes they recommend members around the whole United States.
Review by: Warren, CA, US

It works!

When my friends recommended this dating app to me, I didn't expect to meet someoen here. To my surprise, I received many messages on this site and some of them are real millionaires - certified millionaire. I can't beleive that until I met Henry face to face 3 months ago and enjoyed our first dating. Long story short, there are many nice guys, as well as nice ladies who are willing to offer help to young ladies, if you are willing to spend some time on this site to communicate with them.
Review by: Alexis, FL, US

Enjoyed this service, got my man on this site!

It's very interesting to play the "let's meet" game on this webiste. Every time I swiped right, I felt neverous and my heart beat faster. However, I still enjoyed it and swiped right on a couple of men I liked. As a result, 3 people become my friends and one of them become my husband. Thanks to "Let's Meet". It's a place for miracle, especially if you are looking to date a real millionaire.
Review by: Pamela, ON, Canada

Millionaire dating site review 2017

I've been on millionaire for long time and decided to leave this site for long too. I tend to be generally satisifed with this service and located a couple of singles in nearby cities and I was happy with them. However, my friends brought me a boyfriend on an occasional opportunity and he has become my husband, that's the reason I don't need their dating service. In my perspective, if you are serious and patient in searching, you will find your match, for sure. There are many great members on this site, and many of them are real millionaires with certified millionaire status.
Review by: Vicky, London, UK

A happy experience on this rich singles dating site.

I used for a while and upgraded with a 6 month subscriptions, but I quite in a month as my ex returned back to me these days. So I emailed millionairematch customer service and told them that I was quitting. They responded in a few mintues and asked if I need a partial refund for the left subscription. So I got my payment back. I'm quite grateful to them since I didn't realize that and they reminded me about that. Thanks to MillionaireMatch!
Review by: Paul, SC, US review 2017

Don't know how to start since I haven't wrote a review on a dating site. But I just saw many comments for and I just think I should have a word for this rich dating site. If you ask 10 people on the street for an online datign site, you are surely get from 7 or 8 people. But if you want to find a better match, you need millionairematch. Yes, millionaire have better matches, with better background, better education, better financial status, better social circles.
Review by: Michelle, AB, Canada

about 30% - 50% of the profiles are inactive.

I upgraded to be a gold member on millionaire, and emailed a number of ladies on this website, many most of them didn't answer back. Maybe, some of them are not interested in me, but I do believe many of them are no longer active on this rich singles dating site any more. Some others may have the same experience.
Review by: Harrison, NSW, AU

Review the rich singles dating site.

I don't care how others comment on this dating site. I just talk about it according to my previous experiences on this site. It's still one of the top reated dating sites for millionaires. Here you have the opportunites to meet real millionaire, beautiful ladies, or even VIP members. You may meet some people who never respond to your messages, but you may also meet some friendly singles.
Review by: Hellen, FL, US