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Ever joined before, and had some stories with this elite dating site?

It's good, but it's no better than other dating sites.

For me, it works as so far, as I met several nice men here. But it's no better than any other dating sites, and I think it's not as good as millionairematch. But for people who are not registered with this site, it deserves a try.
Review by: Madeline, CA, US

It's a waste of time.

I've been on the site for more than 3 months. I searched and went through a great number of profiles in my city and neighbor cities. There profiles have many beautiful photos, but are almost all fake. I sent out messages to 100+ beautiful ladies, 18 out of them answered back, and 15 turned out to be scams. None of them want video chat. When I call, they don't answer the call. So I keep the email conversation as they expected, they started to asking for money...
Review by: Olivia, ACT, Australia

Beautifulpeople is not so important for men.

In my perspective, and in the eyes of my friends, I'm not the most hansome guy, but at least, I'm above average. Howver, I was still refused by this site. Although I'm curious of the beautiful people topic, and wondered how it works, I won't have a second try. I think, as a man, you don't need to be very handsome or beautiful, once you are successful, or you are rich, you can meet great ladies with beautiful physical look. On any dating sites other than beatifulpeople, you can have lots of opportunities.
Review by: Philip, MO, US

Nobody real on it.

Very few people on this dating site. I mean, the number of women is really small. It's a waste of time to email with some fake people back and forth and it turns out hey just want to get some moeny from you.
Review by: Gavin, BC, Canada

Not recommend this dating site to anyone.

Tried this dating site for months, and upgraded to be a paying member for months. It's really tasteless. Others just judge you on your looks. It's nothing, but a joke. Some other sites are much better than this one and some of them are even more active. So what's the reason for me to recommend this site?
Review by: Haley, ND, US

Extremely dissatisfied with the vote in system.

I've been on this site several times. The first time, I posted some of my recent pictures and was highly rated. Then I met someone on this site and signed off to enjoy the relationship with her. But just in a few month, I was single again, and I wanted to give it a second try, so I posted similar photos, but get refused. I added another photo, and still voted out. The last time I wanted to recheck this site was a few months ago, I was signed up finally, with similar photos. But I didn't meet any real people. It's a waste of time.
Review by: Jerome, OK, US

Why so many ugly people here?

I just signed up, and it took me 2 days to be member of this site. Fortunately I was voted in. When I browsed through the "beautiful men" members, I was thinking whether I got into an ugly millionaire dating site. However, some US members are OK. If you have a check of the European members, most of them are ugly, or extremely ugly. Don't know how they were accepted.
Review by: Katie, VT, US

A scam.

Be honest, this site is a scam. Most of the female profiles are fake and never answer messages back. And when you are lucky to get a response, you are very likely to be asked for money in a few days. Why did we upgrade here and meet these fraud people?
Review by: Kenneth, NJ, US

Not a bad idea.

I'm in my fifties, and as I thought I'm not so beautiful here. But when I was in, I met a number of old ladies on this site too. I have no intention to get a young beautiful date, as I was just curious of the concept and wanna have a check. So I didn't upgrade, and of course have little chance to get messages from others. The site is similar to other dating site, and I didn't realize that the ladies on this site are much more beautiful here.
Review by: Louis, WV, US

What a racket.

In my first attempt, I was voted out. It told me I got 30% approval. Then I changed another photo with a luxury background, after completing my profile, I reached 50% and was accepted finally. It looks weird since it's the same person and the results are quite different. When I tried t check some other profiles, I don't think these profiles are so beautiful either. Some of them are average looking.
Review by: Melinda, NH, US